Full Service Pest Control

We provide you with three specific methods of service; Our Initial Service, Our Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Service, and Our Inside Service.

Ant Control

Cockroach Control

Cricket Control

Spider Control

Scorpion Control

Rodent Control

Bed Bug Control

German Cockroach

Termite Control

Bee Removal


Our Initial Service is a one and a half to two hour service. We will perform a full sweeping and inspection on the outside of your home. This covers the perimeter, foundation, and eves/roof lines. The perimeter consists of your driveway, sidewalks, and landscaping around plants. The foundation consists of settling points, entry ways, windows, doors, utilities, garage doors, decks, porches, patios, etc. The eves/roof lines consists or your dormer, lights, gutters, etc. We will identify all the possibilities for nesting and entry. We will take down all evidence of pests and treat those areas of nesting first. We will also create a barrier in each of these above mentioned places.


With our Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Service, we will continue to sweep, inspect, seal, and service your home paying close attention on key areas while creating barriers for unwanted pests in and around your home. We will use sealant around any entry point if we see it may help to keep pests out. Between our bi-monthly services we guarantee all of our work. We provide 24/6 service guarantee. That is if you call us with a pest problem we promise to be there within 24 hours of your call or when ever best fits your schedule to take care of that problem for free, (Excluding Sunday).


Our Inside Service is performed on all of our initial services, and whenever needed. On our initial service we will enter your home and sweep all cob-webs down from the ceiling while inspecting home. We will treat corners of rooms, undisturbed areas like behind book selves or other furniture, and dark or moist areas found in wall voids, kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, etc. If needed we will treat any open area with one of our organic products, (Organic, OMRI, or NOP (National Organic Production compliant). Follow up inside services will be made if our technician sees a problem that can not be solved with our initial service, or as needed. We do not continue to service inside each and every time. Once we flush pests outside we spend the time sealing up your home to keep them outside.