Smart Pest Control Information

We are a full spectrum, premium pest control service. We offer a full array of solutions and products, from all natural to the best of synthetics.

Client Testimonials

“Smart Pest Control does the service for our business location as well as our home. They have always gone above and beyond for us. We had a mouse in our house and we called Smart and they sent a technician the same day and the mouse was caught. Highly Recommend them!”

– William Taylor

“getting the yearly service agreement has paid in full! These guys have come out swiftly to handle any issues that have come up! We just built a house in a newly subdivided area so bugs, mice etc. are super common as they are pleantiful in he fields surrounding our house. Bryce is running a great company with great employees on the top of their game!”

– Brigham Moose Nielsen

“Great service, friendly employees, and if there’s ever a problem, they are quick to fix it! I would highly recommend them!”

– Stephanie Calkins Wood